Some people call our youth “the entitlement generation”.  I believe that is true in some cases, however, I also believe that we are all entitled to a few things.  Without them our lives can seem meaningless and without direction.  I have created this quiz for you to figure out how you treat yourself.  In other words, do you love yourself enough to actually allow yourself some entitlements or do you just go without and have a huge hole in your heart?

Answer these questions honestly and judge for yourself if you need to work on some issues in your life or are you a truly harmonious human being in touch with your feelings and happy with your life.  I hope you are happy, but if not I have methods to help you.  Just email me at denise@wellbrietycoaching.com and let’s talk…

Take the quiz and find out:

  1.  How many hours per week do you spend pampering yourself?  <5 >5 >10
  2. What emotion do you feel when you look in the mirror? Love, Hate, Other
  3. Do you willingly accept compliments from others? Yes or No
  4. Are you currently in a loving and respectful relationship? Yes or No
  5. What mood do you usually wake up in? Happy, Sad, Depressed, Other
  6. How many hours per week do you spend on social media? <5 >5 >10
  7. Do you feel deserving of love, respect and happiness? Yes or No
  8. How many true friends do you have? <5 >5 None
  9. How many hours a week do you spend with friends? <5 >5 >10
  10. Do you consider yourself a happy, fulfilled person? Yes or No