Monthly Archives: November 2016

Get Your Signed Copy of my Book NOW! New Price!!$$

Hello everyone!!!

Just wanted to let you know that I have repriced my book so that everyone should be able to buy it!!  Unfortunately I can only do this deal in the United States due to postal rates.  But if you have not gotten your copy yet do so now before they are all gone.

On another note, these are trying times we are living in at the moment.  My hope is that we can all move past our differences and come together as a people.  Love conquers all they say and I truly believe it.  Hatred has never gained any good outcomes.  If we unite as humans instead of letting our fears get the best of us we can overcome the worst darkness.  As Americans we have endured much since our birth and there will be more hurdles in our future.  But without unity there can be no hope of survival.  All of these chapters will play out as they are supposed to, but to be left standing is what we have always accomplished.  Try to let compassion rule.  Do not let hate prevail.  Peace be with you all.